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BubbleBooks, digital publishing house

BubbleBooks is a digital publishing house founded in Barcelona in 2012 that specialises in creating Apps for children that respect the concept of inclusive education. Our team is comprised of highly experienced professionals from both the publisher sector and the education sector. All our stories are adapted to digital format and have been designed to help children of 3 plus years learn to read andstimulate their multiple intelligences.

Our Apps also incorporate multilingual games to perfect the lexicon of the selected language and help children to boost their vocabulary. This helps to reinforce the mother tongue and practice and learn a second language.

Likewise, our Apps include adjustments so the story can be adapted to the reading ability of each child. This means that up to six different fonts can be selected, the spacing between letters can be selected and various different colours can be used in the text and in the background. In developing these adjustments we have based them on various studies on legibility on the iPad.

Inclusive education

All Apps have been developed under the supervision of educators and other specialists in the education field to fully respect educational inclusion standards. We have also been advised by of educational centres and associations such as ONCE (Spanish National Organisation for the Blind), DISFAM (Dyslexia and Family), OIDEA (International Organisation for Specific Learning Difficulties) and Asociación Lectura Fácil (Easy-To-Read Association).




Various specialists have collaborated in the design and development of our Apps. These include speech therapistspsychologistsdoctors in education and experts in the world of education and in information technology: Professor Pere Marquès, Professor Arnold Wilkins, Enriqueta Garriga Ferriol, various  speech therapists from OIDEA (International Organisation for Specific Learning Difficulties), from DISFAM (Dyslexia and Family, Spain), from Lectura Fácil, from TDAH del Vallès (Barcelona), from CRE ONCE (ONCE Centres for Educational Resources), in addition to Rosa Aparicio, creator of the blog “iPads y Autismo”.